Pro Series 3-Rod Holder

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Our Pro Series rod holders are a step up from the base models they replace. They still mount when and where you need them and can be attached or removed in seconds, but with added functionality and style!

We’ve ditched the bulky aluminum track in favor of a sturdy HDPE base. The Pro Series rod holders have removable pins at the bottom – take it out (and store it in the slot on the base) for long-butt spinning reels, and leave it in for gimballed conventional rods. Great for attaching to a bait tank while rigging lines, or to the gunwale in the front of the boat where you don’t have built-in rod holders.

The Pro Series 3-Rod Holder has a staggered middle rod holder to keep reels and handles from bumping into each other. Comes with a single 6″ SeaSucker (pull rated to 210 lbs). * For storage & transportation only

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