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The streamlined design of the 100% waterproof, submersible Highwater Slingpack keeps your gear dry and out of the way until you need it, freeing you up to focus on adventure. This amphibious sling is made with 100% nylon seam-welded construction, a double-sided TPU coating, and fully waterproof TIZIP® zipper, ensuring that everything inside stays bone-dry. The padded shoulder strap design allows for more freedom of movement while still providing ample storage space and additional outside straps to attach excess gear. To round things out, the Slingpack has a 3D embossed, compression molded back panel for structure and comfort.

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• Dimensions: 10.5″ W × 19″ H × 7″ D
• Weight: 1.9 LBS
• Capacity: 20 L
• CONSTRUCTION: 100% Waterproof Nylon & TIZIP® Zipper