Sabre – 456

The Sabre 456 is a wonderful example of Maine boatbuilding, a craft passed through generations of proud craftsmen and women. While her hull and deck are built using the modern VIP resin infusion technology, her interior is crafted in the traditional manner with bulkheads and furnishings tabbed to the inner skins of the hull and […]

Sabre – 386

The Sabre 386 was a fantastic success for Sabre, an impressive Jim Taylor design which set the standard for 38 foot performance criuisers.  INDEFATIGABLE is the best example of the Sabre 386 this broker has been aboard.  This boat will knock your socks off – she shows very little use, a high degree of maintenance […]

Morris – M29x

HANNAH is the first M29x and a stunning example of the model. The owner was very involved in the build, customizing the details with equal emphasis on performance, ergonomics and aesthetics. Everything from the geometry of the tiller (modified to give more room in the cockpit) to the curves of the bowsprit were carefully thought […]